Here’s a little bit about the 2016 Ridgeway MCC members. Committee first and the rest in no particular order…

Mascot – George/Georgie

G is our mascot. He/she was found in a garage his/her destiny was chosen on our first meeting. G likes ale, sitting in the sun and collecting badges. G doesn’t have a bike he/she flies and breathes fire… Cant argue with that!

Jury is out as to whether G is a boy or girl?

Gary – Boss

One of the longest standing club members. His key skills for the club are trick negotiations and ordering the toilets for our rally. Gary rides a BMW R1150GS with far too many lights! Gary also owns a BMW R1150RT for tanking down the motorways to work.

Nich – Vice boss

Nich is our wandering biker, he is involved with Overland magazine and the Overland event.

Heather – Secretary

How many people do you know that can take a harp to a rally. We only know one! Ask her how! Heather is the proud owner of a trike who she has spent blood sweat and tears getting that on the road.

Charlie2 – Media Secretary

Just to confuse us we have two female Charlie’s, after 30 years riding  pillion she decided to start riding in 2013. Currently riding an SV650.

 Steve – Treasurer

Steve joined Ridgeway because every club needs a Steve! We lost our Steve Mk1 to New Zealand, but before he went he had lined Steve Mk2 up for us. All we know about Steve’s job is that he is a bit of an ace with Excel – no surprise he’s our Treasurer now! Steve has a Triumph for the nice days and a BMW too.


Has far too many bikes and not enough time to keep them all on the road. He really ought to sell some but he can’t let a project go unfinished. Currently on the road are a Honda CB-1 and a 1954 Matchless. Maybe he’ll get one or more on the road this year!


Charlie is easily recognisable by her ‘individual’ taste in clothes. Most people think she would rather be a fairy than a biker. Charlie’s day to day ride is a Ducati Monster 600 but she can’t bear to part with her little Honda Rebel 125 either.


Vanessa current bike is white speed triple.


Andy has been rallying for 25 years, current ride is XJR 1300 which he manages to make look small. He finally joined us in 2014 after hanging around and being a nuisance, originally from Kent, now almost a Brummie.


Pam has a liking for fine wines and gardening. Sounds a bit mundane you think? She rides a Suzuki Bandit 1200. Nothing mundane about that! Pam blew up her first bike 2 weeks before her test (trying to do 70mph) and had to borrow a RS100. This little gem went on to help 17 other people pass their test. Pam can make a mean veggie breakfast for many people.


Ari has a Yamaha Diversion (in pieces) that is very close to his heart! Also a 600 Bandit, Ari is a history and wine buff who can luckily indulge both, one at work and the other with his better half Pam.


Roger is a small man who likes big bikes. Some one nick named his 600 Fazer Linda Lovelace, as it’s always going down on him. He also has a CBR600, we dare not ask the name of that.  Ask him about his boots!


Jon always turns up to club events by bike, right through the winter! He’s got numerous bikes, but was last seen on a KTM supermoto. We’ve been banned from using the oven at his house after an incident with pizzas and smoke in 2011!


Steph has been riding since 2008, she rides a Monster S2R800, Vince and Steph live in a 400 year old converted pub that they have been doing up since 2008.


Vince is  fairly successful at filling-up the garage with bikes. Currently ridding a 1200 Vmax, 1100 Hypermotard and a RC8R. There is also a Dresda Solitaire waiting to be finished!


Paul lives in Cropredy…He recently sent his first email, not much more is known about Paul.